Amongst its myriad of traits, art is open to infinite interpretations and impossible to define. It is a pursuit and an outcome at once. A form of expression since the beginning of humankind; art is the thread that unifies people past, present and future. Art is a gift that yields indelible benefits and illuminates life.

It is respite and repose, provocation and liberation. Art can nourish, illuminate and reveal.

We’re partnering with the founder of Art Atlas, Kate Mizrahi, to spotlight everything happening it the art world and put you in the middle of it. 

We see art as a navigation tool – the perfect reason to visit a destination. An incredible jumping off point for discovering a new place or experiencing somewhere you’ve been in an entirely new way.

Often, concurrent with art events, cities will culturally activate around them – showcasing plenty of off-sites, openings and associated activities. It’s a phenomenal way to build a truly immersive itinerary.

Our perpetual “Art of Travel” Calendar will illuminate that best of what’s happening in the art world. Big & small fairs, exhibition openings, new galleries, one-off events – this tool allows you to forward plan and potentially add to other travel plans.

We provide an array of ways to participate in the calendar, these include:

ACCOMPANIED GROUP PROGRAMS – We’ll put you in the centre of the art world with comprehensive programs that include accomodation, exclusive access, introductions to art world luminaries, meals and curated experiences.

EXCLUSIVE OFFERS –We’ll be presenting exclusive offers to coincide with the calendar that will provide a unique vantage point from which to experience the event. These will include access to the art event and select activities.

EVENT ACCESS –We can provide access to art events globally.

COMPLETELY BESPOKE ITINERARIES –We can build you an entirely customised itinerary that could relate to an art realm, destination or even an artist.

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