Two travellers could have exactly the same travel budget yet be seeking vastly different experiences. Many travel companies offer cookie-cutter solutions and try to pass them off as “customised”. Joel Found takes a different approach.

We recognise that every traveller is unique, and your travel journey needs to reflect your desires, needs, taste and stye. We take the time to really understand you and how you like to travel.

What is your all-time favourite hotel? Do you like fine dining or prefer to eat like a local? Do you enjoy a packed schedule or take your time getting lost in a city? Through a personal approach we create your traveller profile, which we will then use to develop your carefully-curated ultimate trip.

We believe a highly collaborative and interactive approach to planning your travel will give you the optimal itinerary. Our planning process, the  “journey to the journey,” should be fun, engaging and inspiring.

Our experts offer creative and practical solutions to travel by planning and booking your entire trip, so your experience is always sublime and seamless.

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The establishment of a comprehensive traveller profile
Exquisitely curated travel experiences developed and presented
Consistent and personal service pre, post and during travel


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