“I don’t want to simply sell travel, I want to put people in places that enhance their experience of life.”  Joel Bartfeld

At Joel Found, we pursue our goal of delivering you enhanced life experiences by really taking the time to understand you, how you like to travel and your goals for each journey. This is predicated on the truth that no two travellers are alike and taste is a highly individual thing.

We eschew a formulaic approach to curating travel by building a comprehensive profile of our clients and then delivering them itineraries that reflect their preferences. We then layer feedback into those profiles to ensure that subsequent journeys exceed expectations.


Build a comprehensive traveller profile of you
Curate an array of selections for your perusal
Refine the options
Plan all elements of your itinerary
Layer your itinerary with extra detail and real-time destination insights
Provide consistent and personal service pre, during and post travel
Help you ideate your next journey

The curation process is collaborative – we want your “journey to your journey” to be inspirational, engaging, and exciting. This is designed to yield the optimal itinerary with every detail considered.

Our team’s experience, relationships and detailed approach ensure that experiences are always enhanced. We offer creative and practical solutions to travel by planning and managing your entire itinerary, so the experience is always sublime and seamless.

Contact joel@joelfound.com to plot your escape.


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