Hi, I’m Joel and I love travel! It’s my hobby, my passion, my business, and the only thing I’ve ever really collected. Indulge me while I try and express my love…

Travel is one of modern life’s great gifts. The ease of our ability to traverse, explore and uncover new places has become a relative second nature. As we surmise the totality of our experiences, our reminiscences of travel occupy the top of tiers of our respective memory banks.

Travel is the fuel that powers imagination. It confers the meaningful opportunity to connect with humanity in an array of unique ways. It’s the starting point for immersion in nature and the illumination of our precious natural wonders.

Travel is contradictory in the best possible ways; it’s both deeply personal and something that is often shared. Its money spent but riches gained. It yields the perspective of the small place we occupy on this planet and the context for our existence all at once.

Perhaps most fundamentally, it’s an incredibly fun way to occupy oneself.

In conceiving Joel Found, I asked the question;

Joel Found is a luxury travel platform and advisory service that seeks to elevate the comprehensive experience of travel for enlightened travellers. We conceive and develop highly curated, immersive small group itineraries, exclusive offers and finally tuned bespoke private journeys. We aim to inspire your next trip with dynamic and immersive programs, and we aggregate travel ideas in atypical ways; fields-of-interest, passion points, brands and ultimate travel calendars.

We believe this correlates with emerging luxury consumer’s desire to receive curated, authentic and qualified travel guidance. Our team is intent on offering an array of travel experiences that deliver short-term shareability and long-term memorability.

Together we’ll plot our escape.

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